Twitter Style Guide

Great suggestions for how to use Twitter well and call attention to your tweets:

To summarize:

  • Use appropriate sentence case. Typing in all lower case doesn’t gain you any extra characters.  And unless you’re fighting for space, use proper grammar.
  • Give a brief description, enough fir users to understan why they want to follow-thru a link.  Don’t just post a link.
  • Know what you’re sharing. Summarize what you have read in a way that appeals to your audience.
  • Avoid multiple retweets. Simply RT the person you source. 
  • Via @username is OK.  Resummarize it in your own words, then give credit at the end.
  • Use hashtags (#) appropriately, and sparingly.  Hashtags make it easy to search for topics, but they’re most valuable when you want to join a conversation. 
  • Leave enough space to be retweeted.  Somewhere between 15-20 spare characters will leave room for most all usernames.