New at LinkedIn: Subgroups

There are more than 300,000 groups on LinkedIn where professionals exchange news and information and collaborate with each other.

Recently, the ability to create subgroups was added to LinkedIn’s group functions. Subgroups allow group managers to create more focused areas than in the main group. Now groups can be broken down into more focused interest areas. Since targeted messages are always the most effective, this is an important tool for communicators.

By creating and inviting members into subgroups, managers can post messages and send emails to focused audiences.

LinkedIn offers these suggestions for getting subgroups rolling:

  • Set the aims for the subgroup by posting a featured discussion in the subgroup
  • Post a news article with a brief comment every day for the first month of the group
  • Provide an ongoing focus for members’ attention by adding 10 RSS feeds related to the focus of the subgroup
  • Drive attention to the subgroup through your comments in the main group and in other groups where you participate