Public Relations Impact Through Social Media

Here are some ways to look at using social media to expand the impact of your public relations efforts:

  1. Expand message reach. Share your messages on social media. This includes formal pieces like press releases and newsletter articles as well as informal items like comments from your leadership and talking points on key issues. Always direct readers back to your website, blog, social media sites, etc.
  2. Gage satisfaction. Use social media to listen to what makes consumers happy about you and what makes them unhappy. Do the same for your competitors. Contact people directly and engage them in addressing problems. Use the knowledge you gain to correct specific situations as well as to guide your messages to play to your strengths and correct weaknesses.
  3. Monitor your brand. While you are listening on social media, pay attention to your brand on-line. Do more than support the mentions you like and correct the ones you don’t. Listen to how consumers relate to your brand and consider making adjustments where there are disconnects. Changing to catch up with where consumers already are can give you terrific momentum.
  4. Generate leads. Make sure your messages are aligned with your organization’s sales and marketing messages. Understand the keywords that are most valuable for your organic search engine rankings and use them. There is no reason why PR can’t support marketing messages. Someone reached through your PR efforts that becomes a customer is a win.

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