Get More from Facebook

Here are some tips for businesses to get more out of Facebook fan pages. Every business should create a fan page and place content there. Fan pages support applications, newsletter sign-up pages and events. When people become fans of a business page, the updates on the page show up on their walls giving additional exposure. 

Here are tips to get the most mileage from your fan page:

  1. Custom HTML – fan pages come with tabs for various categories of content. Each tab has its own URL so businesses can promote each section of the fan page around the web.
  2. Special content – Give your Facebook fans content they will not find on the company blog or web site.
  3. Applications – Use of the Facebook applications. Promote events, upload or record video, hold contests and polls. All of this engagement is easy to do using pre-built tools. 
  4. Ads  – Facebook has built one of the better ad targeting tools going. Businesses can target ads to Facebook members on many criteria. Ads should promote the fan page, white papers, events, and educational content and not try to sell anything.