Photo Sharing Sites

I have been using Flickr for some time, but have run up against several limitations that keep me looking for better photo sharing site options. I think that just about every website should include a photo sharing component as a way to engage visitors.

Options I have found:

Flickr – Free accounts. Drag and drop organizing. Uses Yahoo ID. Limited to 100MB uploads/month.

Picasa– Free accounts. Easy to ue editing tools. Easily map photo locations with connection to Google maps. Large storage capacity.

Photobucket – Free accounts. 1 GB storage. Allows easy sharing with social media sites. Also allows for sharing video.

SmugMug – $40 for 1 year subscription. Unlimited photo storage. Support for photos and video. Advertising free. Flash slide shows. Galleries and themes.

It would be great to hear about the options that you use, or your experiences with any of these options.