Can Social Media Benefit Your Business?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…can these and other social media benefit your business? Well, it depends. Some things to think about:

  • Don’t try to be Web 2.0if you aren’t even Web 1.0! Before you do anything more, you need to have a great, engaging website.
  • Do you know what you have to say? (Here are some ideas: news releases, earnings releases, events, new product releases, speaking events, speeches, workshops, job fairs, job postings)
  • Are you lurking yet? You can’t be successful in social media until you understand it. You need to watch what is going on for a while before you can determine your role.
  • Do you want to connect personally with your consumers/target audience? If you don’t want one-to-one personal interaction, don’t use social tools.
  • Are you willing to take risks? In social media there are no do-overs. Your networks can be merciless.
  • Do you have resources to commit? Relationships (even online relationships) die without attention.