Data Shows Web Usage Levels Off

Forrester’s annual report on American media usage found that we use the Internet 12 hours per week on average, about the same as last year. That leveling off is believed to be about the maturation of the online audience, with online usage rising 117% from 2004 to 2009.

Among the insights:

  • Use differed by age group. Those aged 18 to 29 spend a little more than 19 hours per week on average. Those aged 20 to 43 spend 17 hours per week online. 
  • Young singles and couples are the most connected to the Internet. They are more likely to go
    online in places other than home or work, these consumers tend to carry the Net with them. About half has send a picture from a cell phone in the past month, and a quarter has accessed the mobile Internet.
  • Young families are heavy tech adopters. This group owns the most devices overall, but they especially lead the adoption of family-friendly devices like Blu-ray players, DVRs and game consoles. A high 93% owns a DVD player, 76% has some type of game console at home, and 39% has a home theatre system. 
  • Older families have the most digitally connected homes. As already shows from the graphic, families with older children live in a ‘wired’ home. Their average spend on connectivity is highest across Internet, TV, and phone. They have on average 3 mobile phones at home, and more than 2 PCs.
  • Older consumers spend most money online. While lagging on the adoption of many technologies, these consumers are the leaders when it comes to online spending. They’ve spend on average $560 dollar online in the past three months, and about one in five spent more than $1,000 online.