Get a Twitter Following – Model to Follow

The other day I got the following message, which I can only characterize as an excellent model to follow for any organization looking to build a Twitter following. This message has it all – simple and clear writing, a clear call to action, personalization.

Dear Jill

You’ve been a Ragan reader and customer for quite some time‚ so I thought you’d be interested in this.

I have established a special Twitter feed to alert you and other communicators to special discounts‚ free resources and breaking news.

I’d be honored if you’d follow me.

Here’s the link to my Twitter feed‚ appropriately named: MarkRaganCEO.

If you get a moment‚ please let me know your Twitter handle so I can follow you as well.

Thanks‚ and keep in touch‚

Mark Ragan‚ CEO
Ragan Communications

P.S. As you know‚ I’m always looking for great story ideas involving communication breakthroughs–both in PR‚ social media and internal communications. Do you have any to share? You can respond directly to me by hitting reply to this e-mail. Thanks‚ Jill.

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