Twitter Tools to Use

New Twitter applications arrive on the scene daily. Here are some to consider.

Tweetdeck is one of the most popular of all the Twitter applications. Users can customize Tweetdeck with groups and columns to organize followers, or set up automatic updates to find out what others are saying about you. A TweetShrink option that can take any lengthy post and cut down its characters to fit it into Twitter’s 140 character limit, plus an option to translate tweets into a different language. 

Twitpic lets users upload and share photos over Twitter.

Seesmic gives marketers real-time search results. This a great tool to find mentions about you and/or topics of interest on Twitter.

Twitturly is a free service that tracks the links people are tweeting about on Twitter and then categorizes them based on popularity and freshness on the homepage. Top100 shows the top tweeted links among all that a user is following.

Twitter Sparq 
A leader in social advertising, Twitter Sparq helps marketers virtually trigger and spark conversations with users who are responding in the Twittersphere. Sparqs are meant to encourage constructive comments and worthwhile feedback.

Statistic and spreadsheet lovers are sure to devour Twittercounter. Stats include numbers of followers on the account, average growth of followers per day, overall Twitter ranks, and predictions on the future. “I wouldn’t say this is the best app to use or the most reliable, but it does spit out some impressive numbers and pretty charts,” Day says.

CoTweet is a great tool for a team to manage and effectively monitor a Twitter account. One or more users can monitor Twitter at the same time and it allows everyone to see who has replied to incoming Tweets and threaded conversations.

Twitterfeed allows tweets to be published from any RSS feed.

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