How to Get the Most from Facebook Fan Pages

Idea for getting the most out of your Facebook fan page.

Provide fresh content

Your page needs to be a place people want to visit more than once. You can keep your Facebook fan page up-to-date by including RSS feeds and other forms of dynamic content. Widgets allow you to include our blog posts, a Twitter feed, video and more.

Make it easy to become a fan

Make sure visitors find a  welcoming, fun page that provides enough information with a clear call to action for them to become a fan. Rather than dropping new visitors into the “wall,” which is the default, consider setting up a page that tells your story and encourages visitors to become fans.

Create privileges for fans

Loyal fans should be treated differently than regular customers. Let them know about sales in advance and get access to exclusive discounts. Give them an inside look at your company and products. Offer them the opportunity to comment on a new product before it is released.

Create value

Only post items that create value for fans. Don’t inundate them with information just to make sure you get your brand in front of them every day. 

Use images

Use images that help fans identify you. Use images to illustrate your content and to provide fans with interesting material to share with others. Photos and videos are the most often shared content types.

Encourage interaction

Ask questions and specifically invite comments. Offer polls and quizzes. Offer incentives, like a drawing for a prize, for those who participate. 


Respond to comments. Talk about the things fans do – thank them to getting you more fans and for sharing your content. Respond to issues.


Pay attention to your page’s stats and tools. Pay attention to your quality rating to learn about what fans want to see from you.