Data on Twitter Use

Crowd Science conducted a survey that involved more than 600,000 visitors to multiple websites between August 5-13, 2009. They survey targeted social media users age 12 and up. Among the findings:

  • 40% of Twitter users access the service via mobile at least sometimes, compared with 32% for Facebook users
  • 8% of Twitter users use mobile all the time vs. 3% for Facebook
  • 27% of Twitter users tweet daily, 46% check updates daily
  • 24% of Twitters users have never tweeted, or have ceased doing so
  •  32% of Twitter users feel they spend too much time using social media
  • 22% of Twitter users say they’ve written things on social media that they’ve later regretted
  • 16% of Twitter users report that they often neglect important activities to spend time on social media (!)
  • 25% of Twitter users say social media is their favorite leisure activity, compared with 14% of non-Twitter social media users
  • 41% of Twitter users prefer to contact friends via social media rather than telephone, compared with 25% of non-Twitter social media users
  • 14% of Twitter users said they have revealed things about themselves in social media that they wouldn’t under any other circumstances
  • Twitter users tend to be older than non-Twitter social media users (54% over 30 years old, vs. 42%),
  • Twitter users are more likely to be self-employed or entrepreneurs (18% vs. 9%