TargetCast Survey Shows Trends in Media Use

According to a new survey from TargetCast tcm:

  • Young adults 18-34 rank the internet as more important than TV
  • Those ages 35+ still consider newspaper ads to be more influential in determining their purchase decisions.
  • A third of adults 18-64 report that  they are using the Internet more as both a source of information and entertainment.
  • Adults ages 18-34 are more likely to have replaced newspapers and magazines with internet content.
  • Adults older than 25 are more likely to consider magazines and newspapers as valuable sources of information.
  • Adults ages 18-24 are more likely to say radio is not as relevant and that they prefer reading magazines online.
  • 40% of Adults 18-64 say that they prefer the experience of reading printed newspapers over online news sources.
  • 41% of those surveyed indicate that radio is still relevant in today’s media environment. Respondents overall prefer to listen to music through the radio station vs. Internet stations or on their mp3 player.

Read all the details at: TargetCast tcm Releases Findings of 2009 Consumer Trend Report