TV vs Web: Fast and Faster

Mass media was the holy grail when I was working on my public relations degree. The ultimate goal was to get your message placed in the mass media.

Perhaps that’s why I find Jakob Nielsen’s comparision of communicating via TV versus the web so insightful and intriguing:

The web makes television look like a slow media. And, is is even less of a medium of words. Yet, online communication provides a true opportunity to engage. The new holy grail for communicators is to leverage this opportunity.

Some great examples I have seen:

  • Guiding Eyes for the Blind, new website integrates information for donors, puppy raisers and others interested in this organization.
  • Balance Interactive, new website for my company that highlights what we do and results we have achieved for clients.
  • Driveway2Driveway, Balance client that is a car selling service.
  • Food Network, tons of recipes and lots of shows, and all easy to access.

Please share your examples of great websites that engage.