Data on Mobile Internet Use

According to BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Usage Survey of over 22,000 consumers, the audience for mobile marketing is growing but that the audience is still relatively small. Demographically, consumers who like mobile marketing tend to be young men.

Key Characteristics of Mobile Marketing Users and Non-Users


Mobile Marketing Users Mobile Marketing Non-Users
Men 57.9% 46.2%
Women 42.1% 53.8%
Average Age 39.2 45.9
Online search triggered by cell phone 17.4% 2.4%
Communicate about search via cell phone 41.3% 26.3%
Download music/video to cell phone 33.3% 14.6%
Regularly Use Facebook 37.9% 27.8%
Regularly Use MySpace 23.2% 9.8%
Regularly Use Twitter 13.1% 3.5% 
Source: BIGresearch, November 2009

More data on mobile marketing users:

  • They are more likely than non-users to regularly give advice to others about products or services they have purchased
  • They are more likely to regularly seek advice than non-users
  • Their top triggers for online searches are magazines, coupons and cable TV
  • After conducting online search, they are most likely to communicate about it with others via face-to-face, email and cell phone
  • Both mobile marketing users and non-users go to, and – in that order- most often to access or download video/music content
  • They are more likely to visit Facebook, Myspace and Twitter “regularly,” vs. non-users.

Additionally, the percentage of people who don’t like mobile marketing has increased across the board since June 2008.

  • 66.8% of overall respondents don’t like text ads (vs. 63.5% in 2008)
  • 60.2% don’t like voicemail ads (vs. 56.8% in 2008)
  • 59.6% don’t like video ads (vs. 56.1% in 2008)
  • 58% of people think marketers need permission prior to sending an ad (vs. 55.6% in 2008)
  • 52.1% think mobile ads are an invasion of privacy (vs. 49.5% in 2008).