Twitter Tips

Last week I participated in the NTEN webinar, Twitter for Nonprofits, and had a few takeaways I wanted to share:

  • I have always called Twitter a “micro-blog” but a better name may be “micro-messaging”  – and the input is similar to Facebook and LinkedIn postings as well as sending a text message
  • Twitter does not archive tweets for very long. They have changed the retention periods and probably will again, but it is never very long.
  • Retweet is no longer a command you need to type – it is a formal action available beneath each post in your stream. Just click the racing arrows symbol. Neat.
  • Several non-profit role models to look at: Red Cross, ACLU, American Cancer Society, Greenpeace (I have added these to my list of organizations to follow in Twitter at @jakprpro/organizations)