It Is All Micro Messaging

I have noticed an interesting trend in online communication. It is all becoming micro-messaging. Facebook wall posts are short, emails are short, discussion forum posts are short. It is as if we all feel constrained to 140 characters or less in all of our online writing. And, I am not sure that is a bad thing.

I rarely receive long  emails anymore. (E-mails that are original compositions of the author, that is, those dang chain emails are still as long as ever.) Most are short and to the point. In the past I have had debates with colleagues about the single topic versus the all-encompassing email. Single topic has definitely won that debate based on the content of my inbox.

The email newsletter, which I have seen as a staple of online, targeted communication, are now looking like dinosaurs to me. I open these full screen, multiple article messages and feel overwhelmed. I find I am reading fewer and fewer of these. However, I scan every shorter message.

Any writer will tell you that writing short is a much greater challenge than writing long. Finding the fewest words to make the greatest impact is a skill that great writers possess.

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