Screen Reader Usage and Issues

In October 2009, WebAIM conducted a survey of preferences of screen reader users. 665 valid responses to the screen reader user survey. This data is extremely interesting if you are concerned about accessibility of your website.

Users of screen readers identified the following as the most problematic items at websites. In order of importance (most difficult/confusing first), they are:

  • CAPTCHA – images presenting text used to verify that you are a human user
  • The presence of inaccessible Flash content
  • Links or buttons that do not make sense
  • Images with missing or improper descriptions (alt text)
  • Complex or difficult forms
  • Lack of keyboard accessibility
  • Screens or parts of screens that change unexpectedly
  • Missing or improper headings
  • Too many links or navigation items
  • Complex data tables
  • Lack of “skip to main content” or “skip navigation” links
  • Inaccessible or missing search functionality

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