How to Grow Blog Readership

You have a blog, now how to you gather readers? Here are some ideas I have collected during my time blogging. I invite you to help me add to the list.

  • Allow comments and respond to them. To me it seems intuitive that a blog is distinct from a web page because it invites comment. However, I still routinely have to convince clients to allow comments on their blogs. A blog without comments is, well, not a blog. Acknowledge all comments and comment on the comments.
  • Illustrate your points with personal experiences and stories. The posts that have gotten the greatest attention on this blog are the ones that bring my experiences as a mom of two teens and their use of communication media.
  • Support your readers in their relationship with you. Post about their events and stories.  Link to their blogs and websites in your blog roll. Invite them to guest post. Offer to share information and post at their blogs.
  • Use other media to extend the impact of the words at your blog. Include video, whether it is your own or posted at someone else’s site. Ditto for pictures. If there is a great social media site about your topic, link to it.
  • Ask questions, like I did at the beginning of this post. So, tell me, what would you add to this list of how to grow blog readership?