Time to Get Serious About Mobile

Is your website mobile-friendly? Mobile Internet use has been rising over the last few years, and it may be time to get serious about optimizing your website for mobile access.

In its “Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2010 and Beyond,”  Gartner Research predicts that “by 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common web access device worldwide.” Gartner believes that the number of smartphones or phones with web access will surpass 1.82 billion by ’13, outnumbering the 1.78 billion PCs. The research firm warns publishers to be sure their sites are optimized for the mobile web or frustrated users will go elsewhere.

Along with the growing power of mobile is the growing ability to pay electronically. Gartner says that by 2014, 3 billion adults globally will “be able to conduct transactions via mobile or Internet technology.”

By 2015, Gartner believes that context will be as key to mobile services as search engines are to the web. “Context will center on observing patterns, particularly location, presence and social interactions,” the report stated.

Gartner’s Top Predictions for IT Organizations and Users, 2010 and Beyond: A New Balance (Gartner research)

2 thoughts on “Time to Get Serious About Mobile

  1. You are totally right. It’s time to make your sites mobile friendly. Searching how to do this I’ve found several services, that offer different ways to do this. For example mobify.me, mobilizetoday.com, needname.net/web-site-mobile/

    The only question is what service to use?What result will I receive.

    1. There are many tools out there. It’s a little like the wild west – much like content management systems were just a few years ago. I have yet to see any clear platofrm emerge as a leader. Of course, you can accomplish a lot with some solid HTML/CSS compliant coding that works gracefully on smaller screens.

      Anyone out there using one of the tools Monica lists or another mobile web tool?