Research Help Needed: Managing Multiple Vendors in Your Web Project

The best websites leverage many tools to create an engaging, interactive experience for users. This means integrating tools like an association management system, press tools, advocacy tools, and other core management systems with the website. There are also a variety of website tools like e-commerce tools, content management systems, calendaring tools, mapping tools, and more to offer a feature-rich site.

So many tools! And, often different vendors provide and support them.

So, how do you effectively present ONE website that leverages all of them? How do you get all your vendors to see the same common goal and work together toward a seamless, integrated web presence?

At Balance Interactive, we find that we are often collaborating with other vendors on our efforts to create great websites for our clients. We have been involved in great collaborations. We have also been involved in some projects that are marked by more of a vendor finger-pointing contest than a shared goal. This is frustrating for us and for our clients.

So, I have started to do some research into this issue. I am looking for real-life examples of organizations that have managed multiple vendors in their website redesign and development efforts. I want to learn about what worked and what didn’t. I’d like to help us all to learn how to navigate the waters better and avoid the issues that can bog a project down and lead to poor results.

I hope you will take time to complete a research survey or comment to this post. You can do so anonymously or give me your contact information so I can cite you as an example in the white paper we will publish with the results.