Online Video Watching Declines

Are we seeing the peak of another online trend? Video viewing online seems to be on the decline.

U.S. online video streams dropped month-over-month in December, according to Nielsen. 4 percent fewer videos were viewed in December than the previous month, and 0.7 percent fewer users consumed online video at all. This follows a strong growth pattern over the last two years.

Year-over-year, users streamed 11.8 percent more video during December 2009 than they did during December 2008. This is smaller growth than was documented for previous periods.

Overall Online Video Usage (U.S.)
Metric December 2009 Year-Over-Year (%) Month-Over-Month (%)
Unique Viewers (000) 137,411 10.3 -0.7
Total Streams (000) 10,726,014 11.8 -4.0
Streams per Viewer 78.1 1.4 -3.3
Time per Viewer (min) 193.2 13.2 -3.4
Source: Nielsen VideoCensus