Try AlertRank: Better Buzz Management for Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of my favorite research tools, so this tool that promises to make alerts even more insightful immediately interested me.

AlertRank manages and prioritizes the flood of emails Google Alerts generates. It is a management tool that organizes, prioritizes, and analyzes the mass of excellent information Google Alerts produces.
AlertRank is simple in concept, yet extremely powerful, like Google itself.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create an AlertRank account and get a new email address on the AlertRank server. Use this for your Google Alerts. AlertRank receives your alerts.
  • AlertRank generates a complete set of ranking values that help you understand the online influence of each one. We also collect the type of data about the Web page for the alert.
  • All of the ranking values are consolidated into a single Quality Score that is used to put the most important alerts right up front.
  • The improved copies of the alerts are sent along to your normal email address. The entire process is fast, so there is no delay in receiving alerts.
  • AlertRank also sends a daily Excel spreadsheet summary with all of your alerts, so you can analyze them and produce custom reports.
  • Copies of all alerts are kept on the AlertRank server, and made available in an online management tool that lets you sort, search, and produce reports on every alert you have received.
  • AlertRank does background research on all the sources of alerts, and this information available as well. 
  • The analytics tool is Google Analytics for Google Alerts.