Free Webinar: Learn from Social Media Data

Putting the Pieces Together: Finding Value in Unstructured Data

SmartData Collective and Teradata are offering a fee webinar on Wednesday,  April 21st,  2010,  1pm EST / 10am PST .

Your customers are constantly sending information about themselves out onto the web – they’re blogging, tweeting, uploading links and photos, and interacting in social networks, building a mountain of unstructured data that has useful implications for your business.

But how can you employ these heaps of data in order to achieve real business goals? How can you use this information to button-hole customers, establish relationships with them, and line them up for the perfect product or service?

Learn how to put all of these pieces together and use social media to improve customer service, as well as provide a new approach to using social network analysis to improve marketing effectiveness. Connect more tightly with your customers at a lower cost, and in a way that provides a real differentiation from competitors.

This webcast, moderated by Stephen Baker, author of The Numerati and blogger on Smart Data Collective, will discuss how to transform your business into an agile, customer-centric enterprise:

  •   Recognize the building blocks of high performance within your CRM 
  •   Respond to customer requirements proactively vs. reactively.
  •   Combine market expertise with technology solutions focused on achieving transparency

Each person to register will also receive a free copy of “Social CRM: The New Frontier of Marketing, Sales and Service,” a new whitepaper from Accenture.

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