Facebook: No Fans, Just Likes

Facebook “fans” are now “likes.” So instead of becoming a fan, users can “Like” a Facebook page. Here is what Facebook says about the change:

To improve your experience and promote consistency across the site, we’ve changed the language for Pages from “Fan” to “Like.” We believe this change offers you a more light-weight and standard way to connect with people, things and topics in which you are interested.
So, no more counting fans, now starting adding up likes.
Speaking of which, facebook has added to its “Insights” data.  Facebook Insights measures user exposure, actions, and behavior relating to user ads and pages. The data aims to provide understanding activity and performance, fans and ad respondents, and trends and comparisons.
Only Page admins can view Insights information, and it is displayed in the left column of the page. To view comprehensive Insights, click “See All” in the left column.