Another Social Media Tool to Follow Companies – LinkedIn

LinkedIn has added the ability for users to track companies on the site. The new feature allows people to receive updates and information from company profiles on LinkedIn. With the new “Follow Company” service, users can sign up to find out things like new job openings or new hires or promotions and other company developments.

Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s director of product management, announced the new service in a blog post.

Part of the strategy is that LinkedIn wants more companies to ramp up marketing activities on LinkedIn.

“As brands take notice of members following their LinkedIn Profiles we expect to see companies increasingly build out their profiles and more actively market their hiring brands, products and services,” said Roslansky.

The focus remains business professionals rather than the broader consumer market.

Users can affiliate with a company directly through the company profile page or through the profile of any member affiliated with a given company. In the latter case, mousing over a company’s listing will bring up a dialog box with a “Follow Company” icon to click on.

Users can control the frequency and type of updates they get in their news and activity stream through the Notification Settings tab.