Tool for Facebook Privacy

Privacy is a hot topic in social media. Users seem to have finally gotten over the thrill of all the free tools and have caught up to thinking about how much of their personal information they want shared.

If you are using social media for your communication and marketing, you would be wise to address privacy concerns. Privacy policies are recommended at all websites that collect user information. The same concept should expand to your social sites.

Your social media privacy policy should:

  • State clearly what, if any, personal information you use
  • State how personal information is collected
  • State how users can opt out of having personal information used

Of course, you should not collect any more personal data that you absolutely need. Collecting the data obligates you to manage it responsibly.

I also recommend you go a step beyond stating what you do. Offer your users tools to help users manage privacy. This tool for facebook has been getting a lot of traction: Partnering with your users over privacy may reign you in from getting gobs of unrestricted data, but is preferable to losing the impact of your social networks altogether as users leave.