Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-Friendly

Use of mobile devices to access websites and email is on a rapid rise. In one projection, more than 1 billion consumers will be accessing e-mail on their mobile phones by the year 2013. Smartphones that access web and e-mail are becoming mainstream.

The time to plan for your messages to be accessible on mobile devices is now. Warning, it won’t be easy.

The same HTML can render very differently on different smartphone operating systems. It may show up perfectly on an iPhone but not on a BlackBerry. 

One option is  identify which operating system the majority of your mobile users are using and optimize your website for that platform and ignore the rest. In March, Pivotal Veracity released market share figures for mobile e-mail clients. Three comprise 90 percent of the market:

  • iPhone, 38 percent
  • BlackBerry, 30 percent
  • Android, 22 percent