Free Webinar: How to Grow Your Email Marketing List

The Email Experience Council offers a free webinar: King Consumer & the Quest for the Email Marketing Holy Grail: How to Grow Your List – The Right Way. The webinar will be held Wednesday, June 23, from 2:00 – 3:00pm EDT.

Acquiring new subscribers has long been a top priority – but also a challenging quest – for email marketers. List churn runs rampant, with marketers losing an average of 30% of their housefiles each year.  Large numbers of subscribers become disengaged with marketers’ programs, causing deliverability problems and wasting resources. Last but not least, consumers have zero tolerance for buying their email addresses and sending them email without an invitation.

In this eec webinar, hear from the industry’s most respected thought leaders about how to grow your email database the right way.  Receive actionable advice including:

  • How to get consumers to notice your brand and opt-in in the age of Digital Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • How to maximize list growth opportunities in the summer to optimize back-to-school and winter holiday sales.
  • How to leverage the mobile web and social networking sites to attract new customers and grow loyalty.

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