LinkedIn Improves Integration with Twitter

LinkedIn has made improvements to its Tweets application that allows LinkedIn members to easily find and keep track of their LinkedIn connections on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

It’s about finding the right people to follow

The Tweets application, allows LinkedIn users toeasily access it from anywhere on LinkedIn using the “More…” menu at the top of the website.

The Overview tab has been updated to help users easily find everyone they currently follow on Twitter, view their Twitter feed, and tweet from their own accounts.

A new module, “Connections to Follow”, has been added to recommend new people to follow based on your LinkedIn connections.

View LinkedIn connections on Twitter

A new tab has been added to Tweets called “Connections”.  On this screen, users can  see LinkedIn connections who have added Twitter accounts to their LinkedIn profiles. 

Connections Tab in the LinkedIn Tweets application

You can easily see the Twitter information for any connections, follow or unfollow them, and even see the last tweet by hovering over the Twitter ID.

Making a list, Checking it twice

Also with the Tweets application users can save LinkedIn connections as a dynamic Twitter list.

When users save connections as a Twitter list, LinkedIn will create a private Twitter list for all LinkedIn connections who have added Twitter accounts.  LinkedIn will automatically keep this list up-to-date, adding and removing Twitter accounts to the list daily based on your LinkedIn connections.

This makes it easy to keep track of what LinkedIn connections are tweeting about in any Twitter client that supports Twitter lists.

View the Twitter feed of your LinkedIn connections as a Twitter list