Make Your Blog Better

With millions of blogs in existence and more coming on line every day, there is a lot of competition for attention “out there.” Here are some things to think about as you seek to establish your online audience.

  • Focus your posts. Choose your topic based on your expertise. Offer information that will help your readers.
  • Research. Stay informed about the latest developments in your subject matter. Monitor news, industry sites, related blogs, etc. Be part of the network surrounding your topic.
  • Be social. Register with a blogging community. Link to blogs that cover the same topical turf in individual posts as well as your blogroll. Network with bloggers to get insight and advice as well as to invite guest posts. Link liberally to posts that illustrate your posts.
  • Be visual.  Choose a simple, clutter-free theme. Add images to your posts whenever possible. Look for opportunities to embed videos.
  • Write well. Make sure all your posts are written well. If this isn’t your forte, find someone who can help proof and edit your words.