Data on Moms as a Target Market

MomReports offers research and reporting for marketing to moms.

Mothers today are the most influential consumer force with the greatest spending power. The success or failure of businesses’ ability to connect and build relationships with moms can determine their fate.

MomReports is a collaborative research and reporting project by Lucid Marketing and Lisa Finn. The focus is to uncover and translate opportunities for businesses in marketing to moms. Currently reports are offered on marketing via facebook and twitter. The reports are not free, but they are comprehensive and offer extremely valuable data for anyone who wants to market to this target group.

From the twitter report:

The most important motivator for moms to follow a business on Twitter is that the business provides useful information in its Twitter feed (68%). Other important factors are:

  • A desire to find out about the company’s products or services (67%)
  • To get good deals (60%).
  • To follow businesses on Twitter because they’re already customers. (67%)
  • To follow up on a retweet (41%)
  • Famous person doing the tweeting for a business carries little clout with moms (6%).

And, 54% of moms who use Twitter check their feeds 10 or more times daily; only 13% check once a day or less.

Frequency of Moms Checking Twitter (% of Respondents)
Frequency % of Respondents
Every waking moment 15%
10 or more times a day 38.9
5-9 times a day 16.0
2-4 times a day 16.7
Once a day 5.1
3 or more times a week 3.6
1-2 times a week 1.9
Once a week 0.9
2-3 times a month 0.8
Once a month 0.6
Source: Lucid Marketing, June 2010

Moms want businesses to tweet with links to articles that interest them, special offers or sales, and downloadable coupons. They’re also receptive to tweets that are simply entertaining.

The majority of moms like to see humor in businesses’ tweets, and in open-ended responses describing what they like about the businesses they follow, moms say they like tweets with personality, and companies that interact with them on Twitter. 

Mom’s Preference in Viewing Business Tweets (Multiple Response OK
Viewing Preference % of Respondents
Links to interesting articles, news 71.3%
Links to sales or special offer websites 67.1
Links to downloadable coupons or discounts 62.6
Updates on new products 55.2
Funny tweets 52.2
Source: Lucid Marketing, June 2010