Save Time With Tweetdeck

I don’t think I have had a conversation about social media when the topic of time has not come up. No one has unlimited time, and posting and finding things on social medial sure has the potential to be a huge time suck.

One tool for getting the most from some key social media sites in less time us TweetDeck. This tool allows users to keep in touch with what’s happening across Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and more from one dashboard. It can be used from your computer, iPhone or iPad.

TweetDeck allows users to customize the  Twitter experience with columns, groups, saved searches and automatic updates so they can stay updated with the people and topics they care about. Users can tweet or share photos, videos or links directly from TweetDeck.

Users can also connect with Facebook and MySpace friends directly from TweetDeck by updating status, posting photos or videos, commenting, liking, etc.

One thought on “Save Time With Tweetdeck

  1. Interesting post. Thanks. I had performance issues with TweetDeck. I liked it but it was just too slow. I ended up switching to HootSuite. I can manage my different personal and client accounts from one web based client.