Phones that Browse Big Sellers

The fastest selling mobile devices are those that are able to access the Internet. The mobile data market continues to expand at a double digit pace with Android smartphones capturing an increasing share of the growing market.

A study by consulting firm Chetan Sharma found that in the second quarter, U.S. wireless data usage gre 6 percent over the same period in 2009 bringing in $13.2 billion in data service revenues. The market is also up 22 percent over the first half of last year and on pace to meet the firm’s initial data revenue estimate of $54 billion for all of 2010.

Chetan Sharma says that nearly every U.S. citizen above age five has a mobile subscription, leaving data plans for smartphone and tablet devices as one of the few remaining growth areas for wireless companies. It says “31% of the U.S. subscription base is now smartphones,” a figure that Mark Walsh of MediaPost notes is higher than most analysts’ estimates.

This burgeoning market is primarily controlled by two big players that together rake in 70% of the data services revenue: AT&T iPhone and iPad and Verizon Android models. Only Blackberry phones, which accounted for 33 percent of all smartphones sold in the first half of 2010, have sold better than Android phones (27 percent).