Twitter Users Are Brand Influencers

A new study released by ExactTarget finds consumers who are active on Twitter are three times more likely to impact a brand’s online reputation through Tweets, blog posts, articles and product reviews than the average consumer.

According to Morgan Stewart from ExactTarget, “The study’s primary objective was to uncover why consumers do engage with brands through Email, Facebook, and Twitter — recognizing their motivations are different. Each definitely has its own unique strengths and weaknesses as a marketing channel.”

Parts 1-4 are available now, which includes Emails X Factors and Twitters X Factors (the source for this article). Part 5 (on Facebook) will be released some time this week.

Reason to Twitter Company or Brand (% of US Twitter Users)
Reason to Twitter % of Users
Get updates on future products 38%
Stay informed about company activities 32
Receive discounts and promotions 31
Get updates on upcoming sales 30
Ger free samples, coupons, etc 28
For fun or entertainment 26
Get access to exclusive content 25
Learn more about company 25
Show support to company to others 23
Share ideas, provide feedback 20
For education about company topics 14
Recommended 14
Get direct message from company 10
Source: ExactTarget, August 2010

Profile of Twitter Users

According to the report, daily Twitter users are about three times as likely as Internet users on average to upload photos, four times as likely to blog, three times as likely to post ratings and reviews, and nearly six times as likely to upload articles.

Monthly Online Social Activities (April 2010, % of Daily Twitter Users vs. General Internet Users)
Social Activity Twitter Users General Internet Users
Comment on photos or videos 80% 36%
Upload photos 76 27
Post to forums 75 25
Blog 72 14
Comment on blogs 70 23
Post ratings and reviews 67 20
Comment on news 61 15
Update own site 59 13
Upload articles 56 10
Upload video 53 10
Upload audio 50 12
Post to wikis 50 7
Sell online 49 14
Post coupons 48 10
Source: ExactTarget, August 2010

More Key Findings

  •  Twitter users are the most influential online consumers; 72% publish blog posts at least monthly, 70% comment on blogs, 61% write at least one product review monthly and 61% comment on news sites.
  • 23% of online consumers read Twitter updates at least monthly.
  • 11% of online consumers read Twitter updates, but do not have a Twitter account themselves.
  • 20% of consumers follow a brand on Twitter in order to interact with the company, more than become email subscribers or Facebook fans for the sake of interaction.
  • Men are more than twice as likely as women to follow brands on Twitter to interact with the company (29% compared to 13%)