Nonprofits Increase Use of Social Networks

Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report

Nonprofit Social Network Survey

Social networking continues to be a growing part of nonprofits’ online strategy, according to a second annual Nonprofit Social Network Benchmark Report recently released by NTEN, Common Knowledge, and ThePort. In an online survey conducted from February 3 to March 15, 2010, 1173 respondents representing nonprofits of all sizes and from multiple vertical segments indicate that a growing nonprofit presence on commercial social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, but a decreased usage of house (private) social networks.

The report is available for free download.

Survey Report Content

  • Besides Facebook, which commercial social network sites are nonprofits using most?
  • How many members do nonprofits have on their social network communities?
  • How are nonprofits marketing their social network sites?
  • Are nonprofits successfully getting revenue from social networks?
  • Which departments at nonprofits manage social networking initiatives?