Facebook Joins Geolocation Trend


I previously posted about the trend toward location-based social media (Geo-location Social Media: Foursquare) and now Facebook is joining the fray. Facebook’s Places feature allows members to share real-life locations with online friends.

The feature requires using the new iPhone application or logging into the touch.facebook.com smartphone site on a phone that supports GPS auto-location. Friends connect through check-ins, tagging videos, and status updates.

Facebook Places competes with Gowalla and Foursquare, two other social location-based services. Surprisingly, both joined Facebook in the launch Both indicated they will continue to build out services on top of Facebook’s API. (I think an upcoming post needs to be about how, like traditional media, social media seems to be congolmerating.) Facebook also introduced Yelp, which recently launched a check-in feature, as a launch partner. Yelp users will be able to see Facebook check-ins.

Similar to Foursquare, Facebook members will have the ability to create new locations, with the location becoming a hot spot with enough check-ins. If enough people check-in, it become visible to all nearby Facebook members.

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