Creating Movement on a Website

In my work at Balance Interactive, I manage projects to create websites for large and small organizations. While I work to develop a unique strategy for each site based on the organization’s goals, I find that in most cases all my clients are looking for movement on their websites.

This is a challenging problem. Sure, lots of site have moving elements, but not many do them well. Think of all the times you have been at a website and found the movement distracting or, worse, annoying. Ever find yourself looking for a “stop this thing” button?

Beyond usability issues, movement can create accessibility issues. Apple products, including the iPad and iPhones, do not show any elements in Adobe Flash. Even on devices that display flash, the content can be hard to read or see. With the hefty increases in the number of people who access the Internet with mobile devices, this is not acceptable. A best in class website must be mobile friendly.

Here is my short list of effective (and not annoying) options to create movement on a website.

  1. Slide show. An ajax scripted slide show moves just like flash. It is compatible with all mobile devices. It is easy to add or remove a slide to the rotation. It is easy to start and stop.
    1. Information Innovators
    2. Cultural tourism DC
  2. Click and Pick. A user click creates movement in the Who’s Cooking section for the Food Network home page. The element is arranged in a way that entices users to click through the personalities profiled.

I am looking for more ways to create movement without creating barriers. Share your favorites here.