Free Influencer Poll Webinar

Vocus is offering a free webinar tomorrow, Wednesday Sept. 22 at noon with Brian Solis of FutureWorks. The topic will be “The Influencer Poll.” Register at

How do your peers measure and rate online influence? Is it popularity? The size of a person’s following? A well-connected network? With so many definitions out there, are you using the best criteria when you develop your online campaigns?

Vocus teamed up with social media expert and industry-leader Brian Solis to find out. Together, we surveyed more than 750 communications professionals about what you think makes an influencer.

All attendees will receive The Influencer Poll results.

About the Speaker

Recognized  as a thought leader in social media, Brian Solis is principal of the new media agency FutureWorks. His bestselling book, Engage!, helps businesses build, cultivate, and measure success on the Web.

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