UrlAi: A Tool to Skip

Insight into the individuals who are behind social media is valuable to any communicator. Correct insight, that is.

So, when I came across URLAI, I was interested. The tool classifies blog text on gender, age, mood (happy or upset) and tonality (personal or academic). It defined these parameters for a given blog based on some undefined computer model. It does not base the results on any actual text at the blog. So, this blog, written by female 40-something me, generated the following results:

jakprpro.wordpress.com is probably written by a male somewhere between 26-35 years old. The writing style is academic and happy most of the time.

In the time it takes to go to UrlAi and enter a URL, the average communicator could probably just go straight to the blog to asses mood and tonality and make their own guess as to gender and age of the author if it is not explicitly defined. Any time taken to get accurate data would be far more worthwhile than the inaccurate insights offered through this tool.

The website does say more parameters will be added. If that comes along with refinement of the computer model that is used to make the determinations, this tool may be worth a look – in the future.