Find the Best Domain Name with Tekiki

Finding the right URL or domain name for your online presence is a challenge. Many domains are already in use and many have already been purchased by folks who hope to make a buck.

There are many reasons why the right domain in important:

  • Like your physical address, your online address is not easy to change. Your audience gets to know you at that location.
  • Search engines give authority to websites in part because of the words found in the domain name.
  • A clear domain can help users pick your site from among others in search engine result pages.

Using GoDaddy, Network Solutions and other domain registrars to find the right domain can be frustrating. So, I offer this neat tool: Tekiki

While most domain sites focus on checking availability, we focus on brainstorming. Once we help you pick a concept, then we help you check domain availability. We automate many tedious tasks: finding related terms, performing translations, tinkering with misspellings and other domain variations, searching Wikipedia, and conducting Google searches. We even try to simulate word association by displaying what people say on Twitter and Facebook regarding a domain or concept. So we did what we could.

Once you find the right domain, claim the same name or a close variant as your social media identity. There are tools that help you look for options across many social media.

    Check username availability for 120 social websites. Also offers a paid service and help you register on all the 120 social media websites after gathering some basic information from you.