How to Find Who’s Retweeting

RetweetFollow looks at keywords in the URLs in tweets, including URLs that have been shortened to determine the interests of the tweeter. This can help communicators find twitter users to follow.

With the tool, you can search by exact URL or a keyword. Results list the tweets and provide tools to easily follow users of your interest

Use RetweetFollow To

  • Find users that are interested in a particular topic based on their tweets about a specific blog post, news item or web page.
  • Follow many users with a single click.
  • Know more details about the users tweeting about your links without the need to visit each Twitter profile.
  • Know who has tweeted about your blog post.
  • Thank the users who have tweeted about your blog post or web page.
  • Organize users in lists based on their topics of interest.

Among the tools offered, users can export a plain text list of users that have tweeted about a specific URL. It will also show related searches and hash tags. There is a toolbar widget you can add to your browser.