Free Webinar: How to Develop a User-Centered Content Strategy

TerpSys is offering a free webinar on November 18, from 2-3 EDT. Register at

It’s 10 PM, do you know where your content is?  Compelling, timely, on-message content doesn’t just happen.  In this webinar, we’ll detail a process that can help you create a user-centered content strategy that supports your organization’s objectives. We’ll look at how to determine what content you have, what content you need, and how to keep it all relevant.

Join Wendy Stengel, Senior Information Architect at
for this complimentary hour-long webinar.  Wendy has over 10+ years of experience in information architecture and content management. She has
extensive knowledge of user-focused information architecture and content strategy, guiding the design and development of large management system
solutions for government, association and non-profit clients.