Trending Now: Influencers

I am seeing a lot of discussion starting to focus on the idea of influencers. Seems that we are coming around to understanding that, like offline communication, it is not volume that matters but engaging with the influencers in the audiences we need to reach.

There are some pricey tools out there that claim to help you identify the influencers for your brand or topic, but many of us need to figure this out with our own research.

Here are 10 free resources:

  1. Addictomatic – create a page to see who is talking about any brand or topic across many channels
  2. Alltop – the online magazine rack – search bloggers listed by specific subject and topics.
  3. BoardReader – tracks conversations within forums, search by keywords
  4. Daylife – search news and editorial photos
  5. Google – see who is at the top of listings
  6. Google Blogs – search for conversations on specific keywords and/or timeframes
  7. Klout – identify influencers on Facebook and Twitter based on 35 variables (Scores 30 or higher considered influencers.)
  8. Listorious  – lists of Twitter users created by others based on specific topics
  9. Social Mention – real time social media search across blogs, bookmarks, comments, events, images, microblogs, news, video, audio, and Q
  10. Technorati  – grader for bloggers considered top sources of information

Do you use a tool not on the list? Please share.