Using Hashtags

The hashtag (# symbol), started in Twitter and now showing up in posts in all social media, has become an important tool to search and filter for your brand and trending subjects.

For businesses, the hashtag’s ability to quickly trend makes it a unique way to cultivate interest and gain followers.  Hashtags are particularly useful in events promotion.

Here are tips for using hashtags successfully:

  1. Search for hashtags and related terms using a site like Tagalus or WTHashtag to be sure you aren’t claiming one already in use. Choose a hashtag that’s relevant and easy to remember and type.
  2. Register the hashtag at the above sites. Use a site like Twapper Keeper  to get transcripts of tweets that use your hashtag.
  3. If you are planning an event, use a hashtag. Post it at registration tables or in relevant materials ahead of the start time. Attendees will benefit from a way to share information and experiences with one another. Your monitoring will be made easier when all of the conversation uses the same hashtag.
  4. Monitor your hashtag before and during the event. Do a basic Twitter search or use a monitoring service like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to tweet and keep track of who’s tweeting with your hashtag. Respond  to inquiries and comments.
  5. Use your hashtag with relevant information and related tweets. Feature it on your event’s website along with the contact or registration information. Link to the site through your tweets and include the hashtag.
  6. Download the transcript of tweets that included the hashtag and post to your event webpage as a recap. Thank those who actively tweeted the hashtag. Be sure you connect with them on Twitter and other social sites.