Create a Mobile Website

If you have not optimized your website for mobile access or built an alternate mobile website you need to. Now. It’s that simple.

The number of users who are using mobile devices to access online information and to do things online is growing exponentially. To ignore mobile is to ignore the very people you are trying to reach.

Basics of a Mobile Site

Mobile screens are small and access speeds are generally slow. Keep the layout basic.

  • Your logo.  Make sure that the size doesn’t exceed 2 KBs of size because images always take forever to load on mobile networks.
  • Navigation. Make sure mobile visitors can see and use your main navigation. Typing on most mobile devices is tough, so mobile users search less and use navigation options more.
  • Keep the content minimal and very streamlined.
  • Don’t use many images – if any at all. They slow load times and can take over the small mobile screen.
  • Don’t use flash – some devices won’t display flash.

Technical Approaches

Like different browsers, different mobile devices will display your website differently. The best defense again variation is to use valid HTML and CSS coding.  Use fluid layouts that will automatically adjust to the screen size. Create a specific style sheet for mobile devices.


There are several tools that help you build mobile versions of your website.