Blogging Tips

Last week I participated in Dan Zarrella’s webinar “The Science of Blogging.” The recorded video, audio and slides are available, but I wanted to share my takeaways here.

Zarella did research on thousands of blogs and shared these findings:

  • To gain readers, post regularly. More than once a day is ideal, with diminishing returns as you blog less frequently.
  • Guest posts are a great strategy to draw new traffic to your blog. (I welcome guest posters so if you are interested just let me know.)
  • Your blog is an influence tool. 71% of people who read blogs regularly say that blogs affect their purchasing decisions.
  • In terms of your content, “talk as yourself, not about yourself.” Blog readers are interested in the voice of the author, but not necessarily the personal experiences of the author.
  • Videos increase the rate at which posts are shared.
  • Photos increase the number of comments on a post.
  • Readers comment when there is something in it for them – incentivize commenting.
  • Readers prefer stand alone posts over posts that are part of a series.
  • Content quality matters. Posts that are well written with proper spelling and grammar are seen as more credible.
  • Most blog posts are read in the morning, around 10-11 AM.
  • Most post sharing happens during the week, except on Fridays.
  • Most commenting and social media sharing happens on the weekends.

For more, here is a blog post with the most frequent questions asked during the webinar–10 Common Business Blogging Questions Answered.