FourSquare Experiment Continues

I have been using FourSquare for a few months now. I blogged about it at the Balance company blog:

My experience is mixed. I try to check in somewhere at least a few times a week. My efforts have gotten me a few badges, mostly embarrassing (like the “bender” badge for checking in to a lot of places in one evening. For the record, NONE were bars.) I also got a discount on some Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Mostly, I am focused on some disappointments.

First, not may people who I know seem to be  on FourSquare. Most of the people who try to connect with me are out of the DC area. Most I do not know.

The latest disappointment came during the holidays’ I occupied myself on the long lines at Disney by checking in everywhere we went in the Magic Kingdom. I was hoping for some kind of Mickey badge. No deal. Nada for my efforts, other than plenty of family pics showing me checking in on my cell.

Further, my attempts to own my company’s listing have so far been completely unsuccessful. I think I am following the directions.

So, I am looking for your experiences with FourSquare – good, bad or indifferent. I’d like to get more input before I render my judgement on this piece of social media. I also invite you to connect with me there:

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