5 Ways to Get Attention Online

Okay, so you are online. Now, how do you get the attention of the people you need to reach? Here are five ideas to connect with your audiences online.

1. Blog about your expertise. Find the experts in your organization and support them in regular, ongoing blogging.

2. Be controversial. Pose a question that is certain to get people commenting. Comment on the comments. Generate a discussion and keep it going.

3. Create a poll. Launch a poll (see #2, a controversial topic is good) . Make the results available only to users who vote in the poll.

4. Post pictures and video. People love to look at pictures and watch video online, yet may web and social posts are predominantly text.

5. Create email lists. Allow users to sign up for one or more well-defined email lists (that is, let them know what they will get and how often.) Send emails regularly and be sure to alert them to content or posts containing words or phrases that interest them.