How to Build Blog Influence

Following on yesterday’s post about influence, how do you make your blog influential? Some ideas.

Think Community

Content dissemination requires sharing. As a blogger you need to be  an active, participating member of a the community or communities that you want to influence. This means encouraging comments on your posts, commenting on the posts of others, and guest blogging.

Write Great Post Titles and Subtitles

Without a great title that attracts people immediately, posts get little attention. Your content has to work immediately. It has to resonate though the clutter on Twitter, Facebook, emails, etc., and compel people to click through. If a title doesn’t grab someone in ten words or less, it’s not effective.

Give the subheads of your posts the same attention. After the title, these are the next things readers will likely scan.

Offer Quality Over Quantity

It’s important to publish with an expected frequency, but it’s more important to write great content. Content is disseminated by a community that either checks a blog periodically, or sees the post via referral online whenever they check in. That means the life span of a post is shortened or lengthened by interest in the post. Write something worth sharing and your content will thrive.

Nurture Connections

People who comment or link to your blog  care enough to say something. They are self identifying as important members of the community.

Reward their interest and reciprocate. Read their post, thank them, and comment. Reply to their comments, even the negative ones that don’t necessarily jive with your thesis.