5 Blogging Tips

  1. Keep content fresh. Create new posts at least once a week. For ideas, consider the questions you are asked in person, by email and by phone. Or, do keyword searches around topics and see what others are discussing.
  2. Use keywords in your writing. You can find keywords in your site analytics – these are the words people are searching for to find you, by using a tool like the Google keyword finder tool, or monitoring topics and trends at  places like Yahoo or Google Trends. Make sure keywords are in your post titles as well as within the text of posts.
  3. Use an image in every post. (Not following my own advice here, I realize.) There are many free images available, just do a search. Posts with images (pictures, clip art, etc) are much more appealing than walls of words.
  4. Make it easy to be followed. Make sure you offer a way for people to sign up to get posts by email or RSS.
  5. Cultivate comments. Ask a question in your post. Be controversial. Leave part of the topic or issue untouched.

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